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At Web Search BD, we specialize in the creation of fully operational, resilient, and expandable web applications. Our dedicated focus lies in constructing tailored web apps, employing precise technology stacks that seamlessly harmonize with your business aspirations, facilitating optimal growth. Our ultimate objective is to deliver superior web applications that optimize resource allocation while minimizing expenses.


Unlock the potential of contemporary web frameworks to

Make progressive Web Applications with seamless scalability.

Our web application development services encompasses the entire spectrum:

Encompassing design and development, rigorous testing, and unwavering support and maintenance. Moreover, our seasoned web app developers extend their expertise to encompass technology advisory, the revitalization of legacy infrastructures, and the smooth transition to innovative web architectures.

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Extensive Skill Set with an Experienced Team

At Web Search BD, we possess an extensive skill set that encompasses various cutting-edge technologies to fuel your web development endeavors. With a strong foundation in PHP and Laravel, we empower your projects with the robustness and flexibility these platforms offer. Our expertise extends beyond, as we navigate the dynamic landscape of WordPress, crafting captivating and functional websites that stand out in the digital realm.
Our commitment to excellence is evident in our approach to development. We're not just developers; we're architects of digital experiences. We build more than websites; we engineer solutions that resonate with your audience. Whether it's crafting bespoke e-commerce platforms, interactive web applications, or seamless content management systems, our team's proficiency shines through.

Our work process

Our Web Application Development Service Includes


Backend Web Application Development

Our adept backend developers specialize in managing intricate business logic. We define customized rules governing database-user interface interactions, devising innovative solutions for data processing efficiency.

Frontend Web Application Development:

Crafting swift, feature-rich user interfaces, we address intricate frontend challenges. Our applications cater to both novice and experienced users, fostering seamless interactions that bolster customer retention.

WordPress Web Application Development

Leveraging WordPress, our services encompass tailoring products or services from scratch, aligned with distinct business requisites. We expand existing solutions through plugin integration, delivering versatile, scalable outcomes.

Progressive Web App Development

Harnessing PWA prowess, we offer users native-like experiences. Our progressive web app development enhances customer engagement, amplifies sales, and elevates brand visibility in search results.

SaaS Development Services

Unleash the potential of SaaS with our top-tier solutions. We engineer secure, configurable SaaS tools, enabling companies to embrace the scalability and accessibility of cloud solutions while economizing on hardware expenses.

Web Portals Development

Elevate your web presence through interactive, rapid web portals. Our expertise in crafting these digital solutions empowers businesses to allure and engage customers, establishing an impactful online footprint.
Why Choose Web Search BD for Web Applications?

Web Services Mastery - Innovation, Efficiency, Support, Excellence

Microservices Migration Mastery
With profound expertise, we excel in seamless migration to microservices, enhancing your application's efficiency and scalability.
Architectural Innovation

We break ground by modularizing established structures,
introducing innovation to transform your existing architectures into agile powerhouses.

SOA Pioneers

Our extensive experience encompasses crafting robust Service-Oriented
Architectures (SOA), ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

CI/CD Excellence

Employing steadfast CI/CD methodologies, we consistently deliver, ensuring your applications are up-to-date and error-free.

QA Rigor

Our unwavering commitment to dedicated QA practices guarantees the highest
standards of performance and reliability.

24/7 Support

We stand by you round-the-clock, offering unwavering support and maintenance to ensure your applications are always at their best.

Cloud Integration Pros
Leveraging the might of the cloud, we seamlessly integrate web solutions, harnessing their combined power for outstanding outcomes.
Enhanced UI/UX
Experience guaranteed results as we elevate interactivity and user experience, breathing new life into your application's interface.

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We will work until you are 100% satisfied. We can have a one to one meeting sorting out the problems and solving them.

How long it may take for your Website Development Service?

It depends upon your requirements. On an average, it takes 5-8 days.

You will have 1 month of free website maintenance support from us.

Well, if you have them, it’s great. If you don’t, we will provide you with fast hosting and domain.

You’ll be surprised to know that more than 43% of the websites are made with WordPress because of its security and awesome features.

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