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The most important thing after making a complete website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it helps your website get more organic visitors from online searches. Web Search BD’s SEO experts ensure each and every part of SEO is covered. You’ll see the results in the first few months.


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Search Engine Optimization Service

Web Search BD’s SEO Service Will Help You Get More Visitors 10x Faster

Our professional SEO experts check every single page to optimize both On Page and Off Page SEO to get the best result and grow your business on search engines. They’ll implement every white hat SEO tactic to potentially improve your visibility in the search results on various search engines including Google. Choose one of our SEO packages that match your requirement and let us start working today.

Our work process

What Our SEO Service Includes


On-Page SEO

Do you know what it is? On-page SEO is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization for your website content as Google regularly updates its algorithm. A proper analysis of On-page SEO in a structured way will help you cope with it to be always visible on Searches. The professional SEO experts of Web Search BD are highly skilled in this field and committed to getting your website higher in search engine results.


Off-Page SEO

This part of SEO is the external optimization for the content of your website (such as images, videos, icons, etc). An expert must do Off-page SEO out of the website and make quality backlinks. Our SEO experts have enough experience creating both inbound and outbound backlinks as many as your site needs. Contact us now!


Keyword Research

This is one of the most important things in SEO as keywords are what people search for. Using keywords with high search rates and low competition is essential for ranking in search engines. And our SEO experts use Premium Keyword Research Tools to do this work perfectly. Your website is sure to have more organic traffic and a targeted audience with the help of our SEO experts.


SEO Audit

Facing problems ranking your website in search engines? Well, you must have some issues with SEO audit that need to be solved. The professionals of Web Search BD are quite perfect to provide you with a complete SEO audit to find the errors or problems. They will find the issues and fix them for the best result.


Authority Outreach

Search engines regularly change their algorithms so it may be a problem for you to rank your site on this regularly changing field. In this case, authority outreach is one of the important parts of SEO as it’s able to build advanced links. The Authority of a website defines that it has something to offer.


Building Backlinks

Building enough backlinks is one of the most important elements of SEO. It decides whether your website will be at the top or bottom. The SEO experts of Web Search BD will make new, relevant backlinks thus enhancing your site’s ranking and value. Contact us now!


Competitor Analysis

Starting your business online? There must be a lot of competitors who are in a good position. So you must have proper analysis and knowledge about them to reach the position they are in. It’ll help you determine the SEO targets and make a growth strategy. Our SEO experts are good enough to do a proper analysis and they regularly monitor your competitors and invest time to find their strong and weak points. Contact us to know more.


Weekly and Monthly Report

This is the thing that makes Web Search BD different from other providers. Our SEO experts will find every issue your website may have, solve them and give you a report. If the problem is regular, we will give you a proper guidelines to solve it by yourself too. You are welcome to send a message now.


Why Web Search BD for the SEO Service?

Why do you need SEO services? Because you want the targeted audience to come to your website from organic search results. The more traffic you get, the more opportunities you have to turn them into customers. Although we are not superheroes of SEO, our team has some gems who have been working in this field for more than 5 years.

They know the secret tactics, and white hat SEO techniques and have the problem-solving ability, premium tools, and hectic load-bearing mentality to make your website better than your competitors. Let’s try, and you’ll see the results soon.


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Your Brand Visibility & Authority

Brand visibility on search engines and social media, coupled with our services, drives consumer engagement for businesses, boosting sales and reputation.

Organic Traffic From Searches

Boost your website traffic through search and social media visibility. Our experts and premium keyword tools enhance organic traffic. Try it now!

Stay In The First Page Of Google

Our SEO experts ensure easy first-page Google ranking with on-page, off-page SEO, quality content, keywords, and backlinks.

Increase Your Sales

Once on the first page of Google, traffic surges. Your website's appeal and quality products then transform visitors into customers, driving sales and revenue.

Organic Traffice

Get Organic Traffic and More Sales

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The Process Of Our SEO Service

Get Your Easy Steps to Process

We never let your investment go waste. You can easily rely on us in this case. You can see our special tactics and steps, so you get a clear idea about our work.

Review and Inspection

At first, we work to find out the strength and weaknesses of your website before doing anything to it. This way, our SEO experts will revise your website page by page with premium SEO tools. Once we find out the scope of improvement, we move to the next step.

A Complete Plan

We invest time in planning, and it never goes in vain rather makes our work easier. Our goal is to provide you with a solid search engine optimization experience after revising your website and understanding your goal. Some special tactics are followed by our professionals to improve the SEO instantly.

On-page SEO

In case there are problems with your website content, they must be solved. Then our SEO experts will do the On-page SEO tasks for each page of your website. It contains keyword optimization, alt text, home page SEO, FAQs, URL optimization, site speed optimization, etc.

Off-page SEO

As soon as our SEO experts complete on-page SEO, they move to off-page SEO and highly focus on it as algorithms of search engines are mostly dependent on it. Then they make backlinks and do other stuffs to complete each part. Everything will be perfectly done.

Regular Maintenance

The beauty of our service is in this part. Our SEO experts are committed to regularly improving your website and giving you regular update about each work. Everything you need will be perfectly maintained.

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It’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), name of a process of optimizing the content of your website for targeted audiences from search engines like Google.

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We have different plans for small to large websites. You can see our price list for this.

Well, not always. But you can contact us for one.

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